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About Us

Making the tastiest mixing option out there!

We started Stratford Sodas in 2020, with just a SodaStream and some fruit juices from our local supermarket. Our mixologist founder, Katie, had just discovered that she was allergic to most alcoholic drinks except rum, and was looking for an easy-to-make rum drink to ask for in a bar or restaurant.


Inspired by the best cocktails on the planet, fed up with rum and cola, and looking for the simplicity of a gin and tonic, we created our range of low-sugar, low bloat mixers designed specifically for rum.


Our other founder, Dan, luckily was on hand to fix the SodaStream.


Over a year later, after one marriage proposal, more than 50 recipe attempts, and litres of rum we had a drink that we loved. In late 2021 we launched Stratford Sodas and have since sold thousands of bottles to the British public.


In 2023 we were nominated for IWSC Mixer Producer of the year, despite not winning we're still very proud to have been considered against some big names in the industry.

Now in 2024 we have built our own production line and we now bottle everything in house!

Meet our Team

Katie Stratford

Katie, who has spent many years as a mixologist and ran the Bartender Katie Instagram account, is ironically allergic to a lot of alcohol - except rum and needed a new, better and tastier way to drink it!
Now the full time boss lady of the business! She's your go to girl for any questions and queries

Daniel Stratford

Dan is the brains behind the whole operation with experience in many start ups and a career as an engineer. He is also an avid rum drinker & chief taster of Katie's cocktails.
Despite taking a step back from the business he is still on hand to help out when needed and does a lot of our complex hidden duties!

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