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Citrus Recipes

Spicy Drink

Honey I Drunk It All


50ml Honey Rum

Or 50ml Spiced Rum & 10ml Honey Syrup

Stratford Citrus


Cover the rim of a rocks glass in honey, then sprinkle salt over half of it. Fill with cubed ice, add rum first, then top with citrus.​

Over Fans


40ml Overproof Rum

10ml Passionfruit Syrup

½ Fresh passionfruit

15ml Mango & Orange Juice

Stratford Citrus


Shake first 4 ingredients with ice, double strain into coupe, top with Stratford Citrus and garnish with other half of passionfruit.

Zinger Mojito


3 Jalapeno Slices

8 Mint Leaves

50ml Golden Rum

Stratford Citrus


Muddle Jalapeno, Mint and rum in the bottom of a hiball glass. Fill with crushed ice. Churn with bar spoon and top with Stratford Citrus. Garnish with a mint bouquet.

Katie's Tip: When "churning" a drink, put a napkin on the top of the glass with your hand over the top to prevent it spilling everywhere

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