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You Asked, We Answered

What is your sugar and calorie content?

Due to using natural sugars we are in the Low Sugar Category meaning our mixers are also low in calories.
Our sugar content is 4.8gs per 100ml for our Citrus, Tropical and Spiced. Hedgerow is 4.9gs per 100ml
Our calorie content is 18.8kcal per 100ml for our Citrus, Tropical and Spiced. Hedgerow is 19.8kcal per 100ml

What rum goes with what mixer?

Good News! You don't need to go out and buy anything new. We go with ANY and ALL rums!

We do also include a pairing guide with all orders for any rum newbies or curious folk! We understand you may want to know in advance so you have an excuse to go buy more rum so just drop us an email and we can send you a digital copy of our pairing guide

Where do you ship to?

Currently we only ship within the United Kingdom. We offer Royal Mail shipping to the UK including Northern Island, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
DHL express shipping is only available for England, Scotland & Wales

I'm not drinking alcohol - can I have your mixers?

Of course you can drink our mixers on their own! Whatever your no alcohol reason we've got you covered - our mixers are simply a "soft drink" so there is no alcohol or trace alcohol content to worry about

In fact a lot of our customers comment on how delicious they are without rum and they’ve been enjoying them just with ice!

Don’t forget there are some fabulous alcohol free rums out there to dig into! Drop us an email if you want some recommendations 

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes we do! Just click the menu a the top labelled gift card and it will take you through on how to purchase one!

I want to work with you! How do I do it?

Whether you're a rum brand, influencer, bar and restaurant or something entirely different - you can reach out to us in a few ways:

We will get back to you with whatever information you require and we can talk about how we can work together from there!

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Did we not answer your question? Feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you and get it answered for you!

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