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Hedgerow Recipes

Grapefruit Cocktail
Sparkling Cocktail
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It's Pink ... And It's Scented!


40ml White Rum

15ml Pineapple Rum

10ml Cherry Syrup

10ml Hibiscus Syrup

Stratford Hedgerow


Spray rose water around the glass before you start. Shake all ingredients, except hedgerow. Pour into hiball filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a spritz of rose water and hibiscus/rose flower.

I'm Blushing


50ml White Rum

25ml Cranberry Juice

Fresh Strawberries x 4 cut into ¼'s

Stratford Hedgerow


Muddle strawberries with rum and cranberry juice in a shaker, add a splash of hedgerow, fill with ice and shake. Double Strain into coupe glass. Top with Hedgerow. Garnish with strawberry slices on cocktail stick.

Dan's Hedgehog


30ml Dark Rum

5ml Crème de Casis

5ml Grenadine

50ml HOGan's Apple Cider

Stratford Hedgerow


Build in a hiball with cubed ice. Give it a stir. Garnish with blackberry and apple slice.

Katie's Tip: You don't have to use Hogan's cider, it's our local and Dan really wanted a cocktail called Hedgehog. A medium sweet cider is great for this recipe.

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